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Pip Millett Shares Her Heartfelt Hurt on Single ‘Better’

In 2022, Pip Millett told us ‘When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know‘ – the title of her versatile and vulnerable debut album. Now, she drops the single ‘Better‘, a liberating acknowledgement of emotional pain. So what does this tell us?

In some ways, this single adheres to the Pip Millet formula, with cathartic lyrics delivered by bluesy vocals. However, this single sees the Mancunian showcase an acute awareness of slipping into the same trauma cycles¬†in her relationship. You can practically hear her voice breaking, singing the song with such raw emotion. “Know better / No I don’t / Know me better / (I don’t know me better),” she sings achingly. This is a relatable track for anyone going through hard times.


The song production is very stripped back, with Pip’s vocals taking centre stage accompanied by acoustic guitar strums. She may remind many listeners of Amy Winehouse in this moment, with her candid delivery and vocal range. This artist’s music can be sonically traced to artists from Nina Simone to Cleo Sol. Furthermore, she has even mentioned Carole King as a personal favourite artist – showing how varied her musical influences are.

Through ‘Better‘, you hear an artist who is at an emotional breaking point. We are peeking into the diary of a girl who feels drained but is slowly finding liberation through her struggles. This is all part of a bigger picture, her recent EP ‘Tell Jimmy‘ features some recognisable friends: Grammy award-winning Rae Khalil and Maverick Sabre. This whole project feels like she is tending to battle scars, coming out the other side of difficult times with a greater self-awareness.

In conclusion, this track is a showcase of unfiltered emotion from one of Britain’s brightest young talents. If you’re in the mood to get goosebumps, check out her recent COLORS performance of the single. As Pip prepares for a summer of live performances, fans can look forward to more soul-baring live renditions of their favourite tracks.

Pip Millett is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and stream the single below.

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