BEKA Finds The Beauty of Being ‘Vulnerable’

London-based singer-songwriter BEKA bares her soul in with her new single – ‘Vulnerable’.

Produced by Gil Lewis, ‘Vulnerable’ is an alt-pop melody that showcases the delicate yet powerful vocals of the singer. The song came to be after the singer was asked what she was afraid to write about. She would then harken back to her marriage to her childhood sweetheart which led her to discover that when you’re with someone, you get to see the ugly and show yours as well. Co-written with Lewis and Fiona Bevan, BEKA expresses her feelings of vulnerability – by opening up to her partner, who has her feeling “broken and beautiful”.

I’ve seen a lot of love ‘fail’ and I’ve lost a lot of people I love and yet there is still nothing quite like leaning into vulnerability. Finding myself saying things, feeling things, doing things, I wouldn’t ever have if it hadn’t been for this rare magic thing.


‘Vulnerable’ is the singer’s second single this year, following ‘Tears’ back in March. Later this year BEKA will be touring across the UK – performing in Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham, and London. Before that, she will appear at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg in September.

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Stream ‘Vulnerable’ now:

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