Georgia Delivers an ‘Euphoric’ and Vibrant Experience on Third Album

Georgia, who is known for her dreamy dancefloor sound and love of Kate Bush, has released her third album, ‘Euphoric.’ It’s the perfect name to match the feeling of everything this piece of work holds. The catchy drum beats and pop synths transport you right into the heart of the project. After the release of the opening track, ‘It’s Euphoric’ earlier this year, she released further singles. These were in the form of ‘Give It Up For Love’ and ‘All Night’. It set listeners up for the starry-eyed pop imagery that is carried out throughout the rest of ‘Euphoric.’

Live Like We’re Dancing (Part II)’ is an alternative and seemingly more dance-evoking version of the Mura Masa collaboration. In addition, Part II offers a look into that feeling of moving on from the past and creating more life out of something new. This is something that this whole LP captures beautifully. Furthermore, Georgia tells the story of not knowing what you want, but knowing you need more out of life on ‘The Dream.’ Much like she describes the album herself, it is a surrender “to the healing process”, encapsulated in the song, ‘Keep On’. It’s an upbeat and hopeful sound paired with a sense of vulnerability and readiness to accept the past and keep on moving.

The second to last song, ‘Friends Will Never Let You Go’ brings the tempo right back up and serves as
a last hurrah to what once was. Here, it keeps that feel of nostalgia that runs throughout the project in a bass-filled, end-of-the-night classic. ‘Euphoric’s‘ closing tune, ‘So What’ feels almost like a circle back to ‘Keep On’. These tracks pair well as the more reminiscent songs on the record. Meanwhile, ‘So What’ encloses this album perfectly. It produces dreamy feelings and a light at the end of the tunnel narrative. As a result, it ends the project in style and proves that this LP is true to Georgia as an artist.

Georgia is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Find more of our reviews here.

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