Exclusive Premiere: BIM I Still Remember

Powerful. Precise. Effective. BIM is a self-proclaimed ‘maker of melodies’, whose past releases O.T.R., Little Fires, and Starlight can be found on a range of platforms, including SoundCloud and Spotify. Her voice is a force to be reckoned with that contains a lovely range as well as clear depth that carries a weight of emotions successfully. BIM’s SoundCloud profile informs us she is ‘A London girl with gospel roots’ which definitely comes through in her tone and past music style. She has also provided vocals for some big music legends such as Elton John and some more recent pop chart-toppers, Dua Lipa and Bastille.

An exciting music history with a promising future. “I Still Remember” is a unique track that begins with an almost R&B style of backing which manifests a gospel tone in the vocals. A meaningful journey where BIM’s voice carries the listener through the song, showing off her musical talents. Sometimes the impact of the song can be subsided by the displays of incredible vocal range in the main vocal and backing recording. The style of the song benefits when these elements either align or act in a ‘question and answer manner, back and forth. The lyrics ask, “Where were you when-?” with a range of scenarios to an unnamed person and it is this animosity that makes a statement for the listener. Mentions of toys in the first verse brings a childhood narrative forward that evolves into a strong, fiery voice as the song progresses. A peace “long destroyed” is established at the beginning of the song and the narrative voice questions the potential presence of a rescuer.

Two-thirds in, the song takes on a new level of strength where the narrator finds an internal power stating they are, “Seeing good where it refused to grow” which brings a new sense of hope. A very powerful voice with an intriguing concept of a song.

Watch the video to “I Still Remember” by BIM here:

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