BIM Returns with Fresh & Powerful Single ‘Superblue’

Soul-Supernova BIM is back with her new single ‘Superblue‘. The London-based songstress is one of the prevailing talents in up-and-coming British music, housing an unbelievable vocal range and hit-making penmanship. This new single is fresh and catchy, yet bears soul-searching lyrics that will resonate.

The start of the track gives a 90s vibe, with clicks, snaps, and scratching. A cool countdown voice prepares you for lift-off, immediately lifting the spirits of the listener. However, as soon as BIM lays vocals, you are immediately transported to a soulful space. The head-nodding beat is paired with interesting production choices – vocal warps and smooth backing harmonies that do nothing to detract from the emotional gravitas of the song.

As the name suggests, ‘Superblue‘ captures a melancholic feeling for BIM. She is dealing with the space between delusion and reality, asking herself where the truth really lies – in the facts of how a love treated her or how she felt about them. This is her unravelling, laying bare, and letting the floodgates open. As fans are well aware, she can capture raw emotion spectacularly in her music. “Can the heart contain the weight of life’s expectations?”, she sings.

If you don’t know BIM already, this a great introductory track. It’s smooth, with production uplifting enough for summer listening. She has the vocal control of an R&B great, pulling on her gospel background to hit the high notes, but pulling those Sade and Mary J. Blige influences through deeper sections. R&B fans can rejoice, as this single tees up ‘The Holding Space‘, her forthcoming EP.

With plenty of upcoming shows, this artist is ready to shower your summer with emotive and multi-layered soul. ‘Superblue‘ deserves a spot on your summer playlist for laid-back listening done right.

BIM is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and stream the single below.

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