We Rise

‘We Rise’ Puts the Spotlight on the Bristol Bus Boycott and Civil Rights

Tomorrow marks Windrush Day, a day that commemorates those who came over from the Caribbean to rebuild post-war Britain. Those people were treated poorly whether through racism, segregation, or being wrongfully deported. One pivotal event to challenge this agenda was the Bristol Bus Boycott, which ‘We Rise‘ commemorates in this track. The boycott was over the refusal to employ Black or Asian bus crews in the city, with the boycott overturning the policy.

The track involves Elarbe, Dreamz, Jayemm, and CStar. These four young artists show their talents not just in their performances but the words they use. They highlight the impact of that civil rights movement and the continued need to fight against racism today.

My Grandmother was part of the Windrush generation, so this project feels very personal. I want young people to feel like they can have a voice when it comes to history. I want to show that there’s things you can do as a young person that can make a change.


The video highlights this further with images of murals dedicated to the boycott and a speech from one of the people who took part in the boycott. It also shows the artists and members of the boycott attending Parliament.

We Rise‘ is part of the Race Cards: A Blueprint4Change exhibition at Bristol Beacon, reflecting on the people of Bristol’s views on race and representation. This track is not only a good piece of music, but an important reminder of the power of protest and fighting against oppression.

Watch the video below and read more news pieces here. The exhibition is open till 22/6/24; you can visit the link to find more details.

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