Broox Returns With New EP ‘Over Easy’

Somewhere along the crossroads where indie-pop meets R&B is where you’ll find Brooklyn-based singer Broox.

Introducing her voice to the world, she releases a two-track teaser entitled ‘Over Easy’, forged in synth-filled melodies and atmospheric beats.

Showcasing the singer’s artistic growth since her arrival on the music scene in 2018, Broox recalls finding the courage to explore a more R&B influenced sound on the project.

I was very present while making this EP,” she says, “which I think is why it’s some of my best stuff yet. I was trying to channel my inner-self and creativity within this area in music I haven’t touched before. It was challenging but also exciting and made me curious to see what I can make of this.

Since her 2018 debut, Broox has already gained 380K+ Spotify streams receiving notable coverage from the likes of We Found New Music, Qweerist, and Go Magazine.

The British R&B singer returns with this EP to share her perspective on the subtle nuances and complexities of the human experience.

Created alongside producer Zach Ezzy, Over Easy’s two singles – ‘B T W L D‘ and ‘She’s Been Listening‘ complement each other well, despite being very different both musically and in the subject matters explored.

‘B T W L D’ is centred around showing love to someone who you hold in high regard, whereas ‘She’s Been Listening’ explores the idea of not fitting in.

Broox herself has defined it as “a song for the outcasts, the weirdos, the ones who got picked on when they were young but didn’t fall into the peer pressure of fitting in.”

Whilst ‘B T W L D’ remained a very heavily pop-inspired variation of R&B, ‘She’s Been Listening’ opted for more jazz-infused melodic styling.

Having dipped her toes in the R&B ocean, there is no doubt that Broox will be making a splash on the R&B scene.
For now, we wait in anticipation of her next release.

Listen to Broox’s new EP, Over Easy, out now on Spotify, Apple Music & Soundcloud.

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