#IMMusicMonday: Devin Kennedy Talks New EP & More

Devin Kennedy is back with more melodic pop inspired anthems on his latest EP, ‘You & Me, That’s Enough’

The Berklee College of Music Alumni began his musical journey at a young age, teaching himself to play guitar, drums and piano. In 2018, he released several well-received singles which included ‘Waste of time‘, ‘Body‘, ‘Bad Habit‘ and ‘Feel the Same’.

That same year Kennedy was awarded “Best New Emerging Artist” by Hollywood Music in Media and sold-out his first headlining show at Los Angeles’ Peppermint Club LA.

Speaking on his rise to fame Kennedy shared, “It’s always amazing to see people enjoying my music. Every opportunity, big or small, I feel lucky. I’ve made a point of only releasing music that I love and connect with, so when other people connect with it, it’s very special.”

Produced by Kennedy, “You & Me, That’s Enough” can only be described as foot tapping, head bopping greatness that will require multiple replays.

“I do a lot of co-writing for my project and for others. The songs on the EP were all co-written through the first half of 2019. “Champagne For Two” was co-written with Ian Walsh and Patrick Hartman, who I was introduced to by Pulse Music Group. “Something Bout That Feeling” is a family affair. I co-wrote it with some of my oldest friends in the industry, Wolf Bradley from The Habits (friends since Middle School), Chris Aguilo who goes by the stage name NonSense (we met when I was 19 working my first job in college), and Anthony Reeder (one of my closest collaborators. Met him when I was 19 interning at Grey Area Studios. I also co-wrote “The Way It Goes” with him). No Worries was co-written with Ian Walsh and co-produced by my buddy Dan Burke.”

Fans of post 2015 Justin Bieber will definitely enjoy this.

Reverb, snares,and memorable guitar melodies are all the ingredients required for this vibe filled cocktail.

So take a sip and enjoy this lo-fi meets chilled pop track, with a breathy vocal delivery that creates this sense of being intoxicated.

Fair warning, drink responsibly as the songs catchy hook and may you comingin fact have the repeat button being pressed one too many times.

‘No worries’ is recognisable from the August roundup and of course remains the slice soulful pop goodness that it was a month ago.

Something bout that feeling‘ sees Kennedy open up a little more, going beyond surface level feelings and addresses the idea of longing for love.

There’s something very human about being able to accept ones flaws and admitting that things aren’t always as put together that as they seem; a element of honesty listeners will grow to appreciate.

Sharing the inspiration behind the song up Kennedy stated, “I wanted to write a song about friends & family. How on the worst days I always have them to fall back on. I wrote it with some of my best friends. As I produced it, I found a way to incorporate a piano sample of my grandpa. He was a concert pianist who passed in the 90s. A few years ago I found cassettes of him playing piano in the 90s, so I digitized them, re-mastered them and incorporated them into this song. Me featuring my grandpa”

That leads us to the final track on the EP.

The way it goes’, leaning towards an indie persuasion carries a little more attitude than the other tracks on the EP. A nod to the singers versatility, the track indicates that the EP may only be a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kennedy’s musical capabilities.

While he didn’t go as far confirming my suspicions Kennedy simply said, “I like to try different things. I think the root of everything I’m doing these days is finding some kind of organic element like guitar. Will the sound fall into a more edgy direction? Not sure.

There will always be major pop influences in whatever I’m writing, but if the song needs to feel edgier to get a point across then I’m all about it. Conceptually, I feel like I’m always writing about others, and how they make me feel. ‘The Way It Goes’ is my attempt at being more honest with myself. Highlighting and being open about my vices, my issues, and the irony in my life.”

We look forward to seeing what he does next.

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