Caity Baser is Brutally Honest in Her New Single ‘I’m A Problem’

If you’re on TikTok, there is no doubt you have heard of Caity Baser. The internet sensation has been taking the world by storm with her humorous and unapologetically honest lyrics. Luckily for us, she has just released her newest single, ‘I’m A Problem’.

It is undeniable that her upbeat persona is infectious, much like her ability to take situations everybody has faced and turn them into something more cheerful. This new track proves her ability to be self-aware and proudly project herself. The hard-hitting tune is the perfect mixture of female empowerment and the unstoppable force, that is Caity herself. In addition, the track encourages people that they are never too much and that being confident is key.

Likewise, to her distinguishable style, this track (produced by CJ Baran and Matt Rad) has an early 2000s vibe with clever wordplay accompanied by a snappy bassline. Similar in ways to The Ting Tings and Lily Allen, Baser has found her sound, using memorable beats alongside chatty and smart rhymes that compliment her kick-ass voice perfectly. Along with this, she dropped an iconic music video where we see the artist telling all the trolls in her life exactly what she thinks of them. In a ‘more problematic’ version of this unforgettable tune, there is no doubt Caity knows exactly who she is and what she wants.

Additionally to this release, Caity has been leading up to the release of her upcoming mixtape ‘Still Learning’. Set to be on streaming platforms on March 15th, it will contain some of her biggest hits to date. There is no doubt there will be many more tunes we’ll be playing on repeat when that project is released.

You can find Caity on TikTok, Instagram, and X. You can also find more articles like this here and watch the video below.

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