SZA is Out of This World on ‘Saturn’

SZA has dropped an out-of-this-world new single. One of the most recognisable voices in music today, the R&B star pens her poetry into melodies. Her discography evidences a person trying to find her purpose; her release; her inner confidence. She is honest about her inner demons and makes women everywhere feel seen. The new release ‘Saturn‘ is yet another example of the singer mixing her vulnerability with her creativity.

Fans have been obsessively replaying ‘Saturn‘ since her recent Grammy performance. This single tees up ‘Lana‘, SZA’s third studio album, which is expected later this year. The TDE superstar has been teasing the new project on social media, much to fans’ excitement so soon after the critically acclaimed ‘SOS‘ album.

Saturn‘ will speak to those fighting intrusive thoughts. Even back in her Soundcloud days, SZA has sung about feeling stuck and striving for better days. With so much horror in the world, it’s understandable to want to escape to another planet. She sings ‘Nirvana’s not as advertised / There’s got to be more, been here before‘.

The song has the traditional dreamy, angelically harmonised production of an SZA track. It builds to an intergalactic echoey bridge accompanied by thumping drums.

We are hoping for more music soon from the four-time Grammy winner. She has expressed contradicting feelings about putting out perfectly polished projects or letting her creative fluidity take its own course. Either way, ‘Saturn‘ proves SZA is in her own galaxy, we’re just living in it.

SZA is on Instagram, TikTok, and X. Read more news pieces here and stream ‘Saturn‘ below.

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