Cam M.’s Karma Never Sounded So Sweet…

Cam M. is a singer-songwriter whose work aligns with the genre of indie and dark pop – a newer genre for me – and she really does it well. Her songs are a “direct reflection of her personal experience” as she aims to be as authentic as possible in mirroring her own thought process with every new release. She has been writing songs since 13 years old and since then played at gigs, as well as performing as the opening act in the RISE music series at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and as a guest artist in Rome for the Tour Music Fest – some very exciting opportunities with I’m sure more to follow. Cam. M’s debut single Lie To Me came out November 2019 and since then, has reached 137,466 Spotify streams with many more releases throughout 2020. 

Karma releases today and can be described as ‘haunting’ with a well-planned melody that keeps the song ticking, rising, and falling at just the right places. Cam M. manipulates the pace of Karma successfully, leaving the listener hanging on the edge of their seat for her to complete the melodic line at points and alternating between a quicker pace for verses, showing a good ear for crafting an enjoyable single that matches the genre and shows off her technical vocal abilities.

Cam M. explains, “I wrote this song after finding out about a false rumour that had caused me to lose a lot of my friends” and is about “how manipulating others can backfire and leave you lonelier than the people you tried to hurt”: this is clear in the superb lyric choices. One of my favourite moments is the theme of Alice in Wonderland that creeps up on you a couple of times. Firstly, she sings, “trying to make me trip down the rabbit hole” which is, unfortunately, can be a common occurrence when people’s motives aren’t so pure. This line works so well within the verse and is later mimicked by the reprise, “Was it better in Wonderland?” which brings the listener back to this theme. Fans of Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez will thoroughly enjoy the ‘compelling lyrics’ and ‘dark melodies’ which makes Karma a delectable listen. 

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