Rakiyah is Releases 1-800-MLKYWAY Featuring DaVionne

New Jersey-born, R&B singer Rakiyah is taking the internet by storm with her distinctive yet familiar sound. First releasing music back in 2018 with the EP, Mango Tree, she has since honed incorporating Korean and traditional R&B, showcasing a dreamy and futuristic sound. Now she is back with her latest single featuring DaVionne, 1-800-MLKYWAY.

The single produced by Kekoaalii Ho is the first single before Rakiyah‘s release of the EP, The Cosmic Queen. The track is a beautiful combination of jumpy yet soft production comparable to the likes of SZA and Summer Walker. The single is definitely a two-part track, sitting just under 5 minutes, the first part giving you a very different feel to the soft, wistful sound of the last. If you follow Rakiyah and DaVionne on social media you’ll be more than aware of the popularity of her sound, so it is exciting to anticipate the release of her EP!

Check out our new favourite song below:

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