Charli XCX and Sam Smith are Euphoric ‘In The City’

Thumping, electric, ethereal, and euphoric – that is the nightclub scene in any city, anywhere. Pop visionary Charli XCX is a glittering hitmaker, LGBTQ+ icon, and discotheque diva. She has captured the vibrancy of nightlife on her new single ‘In The City’.

Within this, she caters to many music tastes at once. House music has unquestionably been seeing its resurgence in pop recently. Just listen to Beyonce’sBreak My Soul‘ or Drake’sHonestly, Nevermind‘ for proof. Charli hones in on a house sound herself in this new track. Can pop be labelled ‘hardcore’? If so – this single is it. An ecstatic build climaxes with a catchy hook repeated over a thumping beat – it spells a radio hit. It’s a song to ‘vogue’ to and a song that will feature on every club DJ setlist for weeks.

Charli XCX enlisted equally daring and dynamic artist Sam Smith to this single. Sam’s personal and professional evolution has seen them undergo many public-facing changes. However, one thing has remained – they have always been able to seriously sing. They bring a breathy, romantic element to this fast-paced song. Smith sings of finding angelic love even in the egoistic energy of a city after dark. Pop fans might have uncovered a new duo we never knew we needed. They both harmonise wonderfully, delivering a powerful final chorus together. Likewise, the London singer is added to an exceptional roster of Charli XCX collaborators – joining the likes of Kim Petras, Troye Sivan, and BTS.

Fast, forward-thinking, and ferociously independent, Charli XCX isn’t slowing down. She says this song represents the ‘magnificence of being welcomed into queer spaces’ and being part of an LGBTQ+ community that shows her so much love. We thoroughly hope this is a theme she keeps for her next album. We need a celebration of individuality more than ever, and she just keeps on delivering.

Charli XCX is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more news pieces here and stream ‘In The City‘ below:

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