d4vd Does Not Disappoint on ‘The Lost Petals’ EP (Review)

After the release of ‘Petals to Thorns’, d4vd is now picking up the pieces in ‘The Lost Petals’. His new project is a follow-up story on his prequel EP and it embarks on another poetic journey.

The highly anticipated EP is no disappointment, with songs like ‘Notes From A Wrist‘ and ‘Once More‘ well-received by his devoted fans. Alongside the poetic lyricism, added anime-like visuals come alongside the song ‘Rehab‘. This creates a nice visual aesthetic that partners well with his crafted words.

d4vd has come a long way in only a year or so in the industry. He ascended with his commercially successful single ‘Romantic Homicide‘ back in 2022. His fame has seen him become established amongst the greats such as Tyler the Creator and SZA.

This can be described as a perfect time to release, as petals turn to become lost during seasonal changes. With summer ending and winter approaching, it’s a beautifully timed parallel between the release time along with autumn and winter coming into play. Moreover, dv4d pushed the EP release with the song ‘Notes From A Wrist‘. It’s a tribute to one of his friends who suffered from poor mental health. Already, this is a more stripped-back and vulnerable state that the 18-year-old is letting us into.

The visual that comes with ‘Rehab‘ reintroduces us to his alter ego ‘IT4MI’. Furthermore, it depicts an animated d4vd fighting with this IT4MI over a potential love interest. This story arc is interestingly different and it sets the artist apart from the rest – with added layers included. Fun fact: Itami means ‘damage’. Clearly, dv4d has really thought this through with great detail.

After he was a supporting act for SZA’s North American Tour, he will be touring around South Asia on his own tour. Shortly before this, he will be performing alongside Tyler the Creator in the Camp Flog Gnaw. d4vd is an exciting prospect and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Rating: 8/10

d4vd is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Stream the album below and read more reviews here.

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