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Welcome back Chel!

As of recent my reactions to music videos at the moment have not been favourable. The visual will usually hold my attention for the 3-minute mark.  A sigh and a “well that was cute” normally would suffice before the visual naturally evaporates from my brain.

That said, Chel’s the ‘Call’ has managed to stay put in my mind since its premiere yesterday. Chopped up mannequins and some interesting choreography, the SKD produced visual is certainly an attention grabber. 

call chel

Hailing from North London, Chel is what I call a renegade. Infusing both R&B and Pop to bring a unique but fresh flavour to the UK music scene, Chel may soon become a staple name in the UK R&B scene. 

Do not be ashamed if not familiar with Chel’s recent work as the young singer recently took a six-month hiatus from the scene.

Commenting on her time away, the singer revealed to IndustryMe:

“In the last six months that I have been away from music, I’ve pretty much been writing and recording! I’ve been working with a new sound engineer called Levelle London – focusing particularly on getting the sound quality right and consistent with each release to come. I’ve also been planning my future visuals as the aim for every project is to be equally the same level of quality.  I’ll be releasing new music over the next few months – 2020, I pretty much want to be in everyone’s face!”

Displaying the growth in both Chels vocals and songwriting, the Trapxcan produced track is a respectable introduction into a new era for Chel.  

Watch the ‘Call’ music video here:

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