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Benny Bizzie “E-motion” – A Track by Track

If you’ve been following UK music culture since the late 00’s Benny Bizzie’s voice may be one that you’re familiar with.

With collaborations alongside grime heavyweights Ghetts and Skepta and a and a UMA nomination under his belt, the R&B singer is no stranger to success.

His first single “Emotions”, released last year, accumulated over 140,000 views on YouTube with its follow up “More”, receiving more than 50,000 streams on Spotify.

Earlier this year the singer released his EP “E-motion” and now sits down with IndustryMe to take us through the project track by track.


Emotions was written during an attempt to escape from the reality of what could be true love. A relationship is indeed scary and requires a more vulnerable part of ourselves. it calls for openness, sacrifice, and trust. I’m singing about the rush of emotions on that first realisation that things are getting serious. Calling on Songwriter and The Voice UK contestant Nikki Ambers for the co-write, allowed me to tap into a more sensitive side.” 


More is s a feel-good, summer R&B song with an Afrobeat flavour. It tells the story of a girl who has given up on love, but is being reassured that there is still hope for love and there are still good men out there.” 


Lucky is an experimental, tropical, R&B/Pop song about hopes for finding love. It was filmed on the sandy beaches of Broadstairs, Kent. A popular location also used by Emeli Sande and Shawn Mendez.”

Love Me All Over

Love Me All Over is perfect for summer nights, hangouts, and good vibes. Picture some Nigerian jollof rice, Caribbean jerk chicken, bottle of rum, and just good vibes all over.” 

Go Crazy 

Go Crazy is a fun, upbeat, Afro-beat song written and produced by myself about an intense love. Here I’m singing about the possibility of loving someone so much that it drives them crazy. There is such thing as over-doing love and like all things it’s all about balance.” 


Navigate is a hard-hitting, thoughtful track about the current state of the music industry and trying to keep up with the digital age. Here I’m singing about navigating through the hidden pathways and tiresome journey to success.”


Numb is a dreamy, mellow track about complete denial of feeling your emotions. It’s a sonic journey of how I feel when life events catch up on me and starting to feel everything I was trying not to causing a numbness.” 

Listen to “E-motion” here:

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