10 Questions With Disney’s Christmas Star CHERISE

Singer-songwriter CHERISE features alongside Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter in “Love Runs Deeper’ the soundtrack to a magical Disney Christmas Advert for Make A Wish.

In 2019 CHERISE won Jazz FM’s Vocalist of the Year award going on to win the same honour in 2020 at the Parliamentary Jazz Awards. CHERISE is a truly remarkable artist and is definitely one to watch in the near future. She is a fierce yet independent young musician implementing that sense of power in her music, combining honest pure words with her elegant sweet sounds.

Her latest in collaboration with Disney and Make A Wish helps bring a musical narrative to the short animated film The Stepdad.

Make A Wish helps grants families a lifeline. As hundreds of children battle horrible illnesses the charity help to make any dreams they may have a reality. Christmas to children is the most incredible time of the year and this year CHERISE contributed to that by bringing a bit of hope and faith to families with a reminder and that love is a healer.

CHERISE sits down with in an exclusive inteview for 10 questions with IndustryMe.

Where did your love of Jazz first begin?

I heard Nat King Cole playing in the house. My Mum had lots of Soul and Jazz CDs that she would play all the time. I wanted to emulate the voices I heard

For those who have never heard your music before, what track from the Remedy EP would you recommend they check out?

I recommend checking out ‘Water’! It’s all about healing and meshes grounding acoustic instruments with expansive electronic production. I hope it brings a sense of catharsis to anyone who hears it. 

What song do you have on repeat currently? 

‘October Sky’ by YEBBA. I love her latest album. The songwriting is beyond stellar.

Do you think you would have pursued a career in music without organizations like Tomorrow’s Warriors?

I think I would have pursued a career in music BUT I would have been met with so much more difficulty. Tomorrow’s Warriors shielded me from hardship and discrimination in so many ways. And I owe much of any success I have to them. 

What do you think the main benefit of studying your craft at a university level was for you? 

Studying for my Degree in Jazz Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance gave me time to develop skills amongst like-minded people. My ambition to dive deep into my craft could be realised. When studying at that time, all that was being asked of me was that I focus on learning and getting better. What a special echo chamber for growth that is!

What is the Disney Holiday Campaign and how are you involved?

I feature as the singing voice of mum, Nicole, alongside Gregory Porter who sings on behalf of Mike, the stepdad, in this year’s Disney Christmas Advert. ‘Love Runs Deeper’ is a song telling the heart-warming story of a stepdad moving in with his partner and building a bond with her two children. The song Gregory and I sing amplifies the message that love takes continued work to cultivate and that it’s totally worth it to create a magical family connection 

Describe the moment when you got the call for the Disney project and why you agreed to do it?

I started to cry with Joy! I couldn’t believe that I had been given such a special opportunity. Disney films fill my childhood memories, and I have looked up to Gregory Porter for so long. I agreed to do it because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true. And this Christmas I was the first Disney Christmas singing Jamaican Princess!

What was it like shooting the video in Paris?

This was my first time at Disneyland Paris so I felt like a starry eyed child. I was in awe of my surroundings. It was truly magical, and to be there filming the official video to support such an amazing charity like Make-A-Wish International made it even more special.

What would you say you learned from working alongside fellow Jazz star Gregory Porter?

I have learned about the resilience of his kindness. He was so consistent with his open, kind, calm and professional temperament. I found it hugely inspiring


Finally, what can we do to make the Jazz world more diverse and accessible for the next generation?

Provide more opportunities for people from all walks of life to hear and get involved with Jazz Music! Play the music of your favorite Jazz Musicians to Children as early as you can. And take them to a live concert so that the memory of how Jazz feels is captured in their memory! And seek out opportunities to support and amplify Musicians who represent the inclusivity and craft that we want to see more of 

Watch the “Love Runs Deeper” Video here:

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