Amethyst Is Back With Up All Night

Sassy emerging musician Amethyst has returned to give us her remarkable new single ‘Up All Night’. The song is taken from her forthcoming EP which is set to be released next year.

Following on from her song ‘Can’t Let Go’ expectations were high for this track. Originally from Chichester, Amethyst discovered her voice from the age of 11 and is experimenting with her sound to help her with the process of making music.

She and her producer Strama bring us yet another track that will get you singing along to the intoxicating yet catchy lyrics.

‘Up All Night’ showcases Amethyst’s smooth, succulent vocals incorporating elements of striking soulful R&B, a possible hint into what the EP will sound like.

The song was originally intended for another artist when she started it at University, but when Amethyst and Strama had finally finished writing the song they realised the track would be perfect for her.

The singer hopes that many people will be able to connect with the song due to experiencing similar situations.

As its title would suggest, the track reminds me of being up all night dancing the night away with close friends without having a care in the world. There’s also a part of it that reminds me of being up all night trying to choose between two people and not knowing which is the right one. Tossing and turning all night weighing up the pros and cons to help prevent heartache.

Even though the mood is somber the rhythms are cheery and upbeat which imply that love is all anyone needs and that if you get hurt it is important to look positive side of life. The track oozes with rawness, passion, and an elegance which helps to bring its various flavours together.

Amethyst speaks in personal yet truthful words about how loving someone is hard how tired she is of the twisted games. Feeling ashamed of choosing someone that has hurt her. Love is hard for us all because when you’re in love you tend to be blinded by it.

The unique distinctive sounds of her style of music make the music edgy as it is something new and different, her amazing harmonies and rhythms make her one to watch in the near future.  Here at IndustryMe we are looking forward to hearing the rest of the tracks on the EP as I am sure they will be mesmerising.

Listen to ‘Up All Night’ by Amethyst here:

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