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Chloe x Halle: Artist Development Done The Right Way

Full of clever writing and intrinsic harmonies that would make Brandy smile with pride, Ungodly Hour is what Gen Zer would call – “ a certified bop”

Whilst the girls have never shied away from exploring mature concepts on previous albums, Ungodly Hour is undoubtedly the sister’s most mature project to date.

Exploring themes such as infidelity, love, loneliness, it is a smooth detour into a decidedly more adult(ish) territory.

duo chloe x halle in black all leather ensemble

Singing together since they were little, Chloe x Halle’s career progression is a refreshing one. The sisters clearly exemplify the importance of Artist Development.

Artist development, essentially a step by step plan to:

(i) refine an upcoming artist’s musical talent

(ii) craft a slick brand

(iii) thus resulting in a strong fanbase and a blossoming career is often put on the back burner in today’s climate. 

Gone are the days where labels seek out individuals to craft into the next superstar, instead to gain a deal one must already be a superstar, to begin with.

Before even setting foot in a label meeting, you must possess an active fanbase, proficient in performing, and already have a few career milestones under your belt.

sister sister duo chloe x halle in an all black ensemble

From the start, an obvious effort has been made in guiding and developing Chloe and Halle’s talent. Having amassed a small following due to their various Youtube covers, one particular cover stood out – their version of Beyoncé’s Pretty Hurts. The cover caught Queen Bey’s attention,  learning they were unsigned; she took the girls under her wing. Desiring the girls to experience the same cultural experience she got when Destiny’s Child went to Europe for the first time, Beyonce sent the girls on a ten day trip to London to work with UK producer Naughty Boy.

Under Beyoncé’s management company – Parkwood Entertainment, the sisters released their first EP “Sugar Symphony” – a smooth R&B/Soul project which greatly differed from the chart bait, Pop Rnb ‘Tween-friendly’ sound populated by their peers. 

The ladies reached another milestone in their career in 2017. 

Encouraged by their father/Manger, Doug, to take lead in both songwriting sessions and business meetings, the girls decided to solely write and produce most of the songs on their next mixtape – ‘The Two of US’. 

After getting signed, in 2016 the sisters released their EP “Sugar Symphony” – a smooth R&B/Soul project which greatly differed from the chart bait, Pop Rnb ‘Tween-friendly’ sound populated by their peers.

In 2017 the ladies reached another milestone in their career. 

Whilst they had co-written with other writers on Sugar Symphony, the girls solely wrote and produced most of the songs on their mixtape “The Two of US“.

In 2018, another step in the plan was achieved, though having made appearances in films and teen movies (The Fighting Temptations, Let it Shine), the girls landed their biggest tv gig yet – lead roles in the Freeform produced show ‘Grownish’. Considerably more mature in its storylines compared to other teen sitcoms, the show enabled the talented pair to express a more adult image and garner a new audience.

Releasing their debut studio in the same year – The Kids Are Alright.  Not sure with which song they should produce a visual for, the girls were advised by Beyoncé to put all the songs together and release a short film.

The critically acclaimed album earned the sisters their first Grammy nominations for both Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best New Artist.

Fast forward to 2020, the duo have released their most daring project yet to lauding reviews and Halle has bagged the lead role to one of Disney’s most anticipated live adaptations – The Little Mermaid.

chloe x halle in an all black ensemble

While the success of the pair can be attributed to their drive, passion and work ethic as exemplified by the lead role the girls play in crafting their unique sound and image, the impact of Beyonce’s guidance can indeed be felt throughout their career.

Regularly having face-to-face meetings with the girls every couple of months, emailing feedback, and constant notes on improvements, Beyonce has taught the girls to trust their initiatives and hone their craft.

Chloe x Halle are one of the greatest modern-day examples of purposeful artist development and we pray that labels have finally realised this.

Listen to “Ungodly Hour” by Chloe x Halle here:

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