Christina Cooper writes, directs, & produces her first film (that will be hitting a movie theatre near you)!

Christina Cooper is a name that if you don’t know, you will definitely be getting to know this year.

Actress, Model and CEO of a company it seems like Christina was incredibly busy last year. I see no signs of that changing this year.

Blasting her way into the New Year she returns with a brand new film.

Here are the main characters she’s casted for the film “LOYALTY”:

  • Jamal R. Henderson
  • Chris Massey
  • Christina Cooper
  • Patrick Cloud
  • Viandra Dunn
  • Dawn Raven
  • Byron Haskins
  • Carlene Corsey
  • Tamera Kissen

Christina Cooper is usually in front of the camera. This time around, she is also producing & directing the film along with co-director Steven Alan Davis. Stevie Murrell will be the cinematographer and Patrick Hamilton will be the Behind the scenes photographer on set. This is the first script Christina has EVER written. She had Jennifer Cooper, who is also in the entertainment industry, assist as the script advisor for the film. The storyline sounds amazing.

This film is going to follow a young African American man through his journeys living in the Crenshaw District and the issues he encounters by being involved in the wrong group of friends. At the end of the film, the main character’s girlfriend turns rebellious and is the only person to show loyalty. That’s all we know so far…So stay tuned!

We heard this film will hit a theater in Los Angeles around April!

We can’t wait!

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