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The first in a series of interviews highlighting upcoming creatives, musicians and small businesses across the creative industries.

This month Unbraekable Ent is in the spotlight. I won’t give too much away by telling you too much about them.

Quite frankly if I say ‘too much’ one more time I going to start sounding like Sampha. (Great artist by the way, if you don’t know get to know)

Moving on swiftly from that aside, here’s what happened when IndustryMe caught up with Unbraekable ent.

How would you describe your company to those who hadn’t heard of you before?

Unbraekable is THE company for young people to be honest. We venture into a whole host of creative outlets and have a lot more in store. Unbraekable is an experience that ALL must partake in. Our content is made by young people for our fellow young people. Everything you could possibly need. We bring the social education school forgot, the entertainment and pure inspiration.

How many of you are there on the team and what are your roles?

There are three of us in theory. Our roles cover everything at this moment in time. Everything from admin & liaison to directing & writing. With that being said, Unbraekable is a family unit and we’ve got lovely family and friends who chip in as often as they can. They are the driving force behind us so if your reading this peeps shout out to you lot. We’ve also added a brilliant photographer, producer & videographer. So the sky is truly the limit in 2018.

Temisan Uwawah from unbraekable entChim Chabala from unbraekable ent


How did the company come about?

The company was a result of real life situations. Reality Vs Dreams. Everybody at some point feels like the reality they are living in is so different to all that they once dreamt of. But why wait till later in life to chase that dream? While you’re young go for it. We more or less drew on our experiences and current situations. One of us was finishing uni which can be a drag. The other two of us were then working a 9-5 which can drag even more. In our opinion, there is a big gap in terms of meaningful youthful content but a hell of a lot of youths need guidance. And that’s where we come in.

What sorts of projects do you do?

The aim of any project we release is to achieve one of the three objectives: entertain, educate and inspire and if we can do all three at once then that’s even better. We always look to convey real life and relatable messages. Messages which are often overlooked or ignored by education and mainstream television. We look to fill this void.

One of the creative mediums important to us is film and our first two short films ‘Decisions’ and ‘Double Standards are great examples of the messages which we look to convey while still trying to keep an entertaining essence (we hope haha). We have other creative mediums like ‘The Untitled Podcast’ hosted by Derrick & Dipo, where we seek to simply express ourselves and allow guests to come on and do the same. If you haven’t checked out our current content – do yourself a favour 🙂

We have so many projects prepared for 2018 and beyond that we can’t even say it all. But just know we’ll have our hands in a lot of different bags.


What’s the plan for 2018?

To continue to grow outwards. We’re still within our first year as a company but we feel we have achieved a lot so far and have met most of our goals. We want to build on this in 2018 and gain further traction. The only way we can do this is by continuing to provide content and constantly improving day by day.

If someone wanted to get involved in with one of your future projects how would they go about doing so?

As a growing company, there is still a lot which we have yet to show to the world. Very soon we will have a lot of different projects; some of which will mean getting people involved. Of course, we already have The Untitled Podcast and Walk With Me. We produce short films and are aiming to provide more content of this sort. This means we require actors and actresses, videographers, editors etc. We encourage anyone interested in working with us to contact us via our email Our email will always be our main contact point for anyone ever interested in working with us. You’re guaranteed an amazing experience if you do so!

What was the inspiration behind your double standard project?

Something as obvious as double standards is something which can be overlooked and seen as a norm within society. This shouldn’t be the case and with the way things have changed in the 21st century, we were inspired to produce a project which satirised the hell out of the concept of double standards and showed how flawed it is. It was important to us that people understood that double standards affect both men and women, so we made sure to portray this. A special thanks to our cast and crew for doing an amazing job helping us execute the vision and bring this project to life.

Where can people find more information about you?

Well obviously look out for our social media accounts:

  • Twitter – @UnbraekableLTD
  • Facebook – Unbraekable LTD
  • Instagram – unbraekableltd
  • Snapchat – unbraekable
  • YouTube – Unbraekable Entertainment

Our website shall be launching at some point in 2018.

Any last shoutouts or plugs?

Mark my words these people are going to take over their respective fields:

  • BanksTalksFooty writes great sports articles; he’s going to be dominating sports journalism in the future. The man honestly writes a lot better than a lot of these lazy newspaper journalists.
  • Ajia is a singer who has a voice that can fill a room. She’s honestly going to the top. Real, authentic music that you can really listen to and take in so definitely look out for her music and her EP.
  • SamJJBeats – He’s a monster with music production. Honestly, a monster. Go check out his stuff because he’s going places. He’s helped us develop the score for our first short film so that’s family always.
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