Clairo Offers Familiar Honesty with the New Single ‘Sexy to Someone’

Clairo has made her return with her latest single, ‘Sexy to Someone’. Additionally, the summer romance-sounding single will be accompanying a much-awaited new album. ‘Charm’ is set to be released on July 12th. 

The mellow tune welcomes listeners into a whole new world of Clairo’s. Unlike her previous LP ‘Sling’, this new project will be delving into more lighthearted, warm tracks. ‘Sling’ saw Claire pouring out every emotion into 12 heartfelt insights into her life. On that record, there was ‘Blouse’, a somber confession of the fear of being sexualised. Meanwhile, ‘Sexy to Someone’ feels like the overconfident sibling. The singer has perfected saying how she really feels. Particularly, one with gritted teeth and one disguised as confidence. As a result, this parallel between the two offers a somewhat comforting invitation into what could be the bookend to such a raw and real project. 

In addition to the bouncy and rather playful track, the lyrics, “Oh, I need a reason to get out of the house.” expose how finding someone attractive gives you a reason to change up your routine. Even going so far as to go somewhere you’d never gone just in hopes of running into them. However, this time she wishes someone would do this for her. She is almost begging to be seen by someone she wants to notice her. Or anyone else who would.

Along with the unashamed way she pleads about something that most people can relate to, there’s an undeniable cry for help under all of this. While swimming in a pool full of hopeful glances and a crush to keep you busy for summer, the need to be desired is so overwhelming. Importantly noting that even the fear of being sexualised at your most vulnerable moments can still come hand in hand with the need to be longed for. It is undeniable that ‘Sling’ showcased Claire’s most truthful project to date. However, ‘Charm’ with its new lease of life and a co-production with Leon Michels, has a genuine feeling of her growth as a person and a musician. Altogether, it looks as though we are in for many surprises on July 12th. 

You can find Clairo on Instagram and listen to ‘Sexy to Someone‘ below. You can find more news pieces like this one here.


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