Mnelia Makes an Ode to ‘My Man’ on This Summer Anthem

Mnelia is back and ready to kick-start your summer. ‘My Man‘ is self-evident in its message on the surface, but it has a deeper meaning. While it captures you with its blend of melodic R’n’B, the lyrics not only focus on her man but also her. This is especially evident in the video, with the singer focused on throughout.

Not only is this a summer anthem to get you vibing but also a sign of an artist in a good place. Her last project was the ‘Closure Tapes‘, but since then a new romance has blossomed. This track has confidence, fun, and an aura that is welcoming and likeable. This is the second single since that project, and clearly, things are heading in a happier direction. We can’t wait for that, but until then we’ll be vibing to this all season long.

Mnelia is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Listen to the song below and read more music news here.

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