CLOVES Shows She Cares in Her New Single ‘Care’

CLOVES releases new single ‘Care’ in light of her upcoming EP. Initially kickstarting her career on The Australian Voice, Kaitlyn Dunstan AKA CLOVES has continued to make a name for herself.

Known for her soul-pop sound and warming vocals, the artist has let us into the new world she is creating. ‘Care’ is a late-night driving song that encapsulates the disappointment of someone you wish were better. Further describing the somber tune as a self-proclaimed “sad song.”

Along with this new hit single produced by Edward Quinn and Niko Battistini, The Voice star released the previous single ‘Good Try’ in light of announcing her new EP. Although this awaited project has no name as of yet, these two singles have set it up to be something to look forward to.

Equally this EP will be the fourth major project by CLOVES. After coming out of The Voice, she released her debut EP ‘XIII‘. Following that, her debut album ‘One Big Nothing’ was released in 2018, whilst also releasing a few singles proceeding that. Dunstan then showcased her ability and unique sound so effortlessly in her sophomore album, ‘Nightmare on Elmfield Road’ in 2021.

Additionally, the singer has much to celebrate. Recently featuring on Bakermat’s new album with the song ‘Insane’, as well as reaching over a hundred million streams on Spotify with ‘Don’t Forget About Me’, a hit off of that debut EP. As a result of her growing success, we are undoubtedly in for an excellent journey into CLOVES’ next project.

You can find CLOVES on Instagram and X. Read more news articles here.

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