Conan Gray has ‘Found Heaven’ in Brand New Album (Review)

Conan Gray has been making a name for himself on the internet for many years now. Captivating audiences with a talent for storytelling and capturing common feelings. His brand-new album, ‘Found Heaven’, seems to be his most stand-out project yet.

80s Influences and Homages to the Greats

The transporting album is kicked off by the title track, filled to the brim with 80s synths (something that flows through the entire project). The ballad sees Conan using the power in his voice to create a somewhat uncanny feeling. Whilst mirroring some of the greats like Soft Cell, he has perfected the swelling tunes that have you on the edge of your seat, wanting to hear more.

In songs like ‘Alley Rose’, it is apparent you can hear some of that classic sound from his former works. His previous two albums, ‘Kid Krow’ and ‘Superache’, showed his progression in a way that kept within a similar style of nostalgia and the hardships of growing up. Undeniably, in this powerful track are his softer vocals that give comfort to all who love his music. However, this is juxtaposed beautifully with a Queen-esque chorus filled with high notes and high-power drumbeats.

While this LP is swimming in 80s beats and easter eggs, the superstar singer has made it as clear as day that his musical influences made this album what it is. This is particularly prominent in the obvious and honourable homages within the titles of the tracks. He starts with ‘Fainted Love’ as a nod to the previously mentioned Soft Cell and again with the as on the nose as it gets, ‘Eye Of The Night’. Ultimately, it is serving as a thank you to those that came before him. This salute is if Survivor and Bon Jovi joined forces to create the ultimate sound.

Heartbreak and Heaven

Regarding the album’s message, Gray has always been open about his lack of romantic relationships with his online audience. Whereas, this LP tells a different tale. Furthermore, there is confirmation that he fell in love and got his heart broken, all of which he claims are worth it. As a result of this common feeling, it has put the noble musician in a place where he is at his most vulnerable. It can be, at times, easier to write about how we think we feel rather than having to experience real feelings. Although, this heartbreak has seemingly allowed Conan to work with those emotions and channel them into the sensation that is ‘Found Heaven’.

Last but not least on this outstanding album, is the candid, ‘Winner’. Likewise, to ‘Alley Rose’, the ringing of his previous tones lingers around his words. Only now we can feel the truth behind them. Additionally, this tune feels stripped back, even with a building backing choir to accompany him. Nonetheless, he has taken it upon himself to not only call out the person who broke his heart, but he has allowed the world to hear his side of the story.

From YouTube to Stardom

For me, writing this piece has been quite a full-circle moment. At the time of deciding I wanted to become a music journalist, I spent most of my time listening to Conan. From Lana Del Rey covers in his bedroom to a list of things he had learned by 17, I had watched them all. It is an incredible experience to go from being so excited that he had replied to a DM or liked one of my tweets, to getting to review one of his albums. Likewise, as he has achieved his goal, I have achieved mine. I feel as though, in some ways, we have grown up together.

All in all, I hope everyone who listens to this album appreciates the talent and time that he has continued to put into his work, resulting in an outstanding record.

Rating: 8/10

You can find Conan Gray on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can listen to ‘Found Heaven‘ below and read more album reviews like this one here.

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