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Dafne Adriana Releases Debut EP, Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger

Dutch artist, Dafne Adriana, currently based in London, has released her debut EP titled Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger, with the first single titled identically. 

The following four singles entitled; Always On My Mind, I Care Too Much, What I Wanna Do for You, and Closure, make up the five-track neo-soul EP with elements of jazz-infused within. 

Beginning her music journey in university completing a Jazz Performance degree, Dafne began writing and producing her own work, centering around a variety of genres including neo-soul, jazz, and pop. Since then, she performed at concerts in the Netherlands and contributed towards Dutch singer Airto’s single April Showers, and worked on releases for Dave Winnel and Steve Corbin Jr. Now, she wishes to expand her individual repertoire and on 15th October 2021, her first single Closure – which can be found on the EP – was released.  What I Wanna Do For You, another song from the EP has reached over 28,000 listens on Spotify. Finally, the complete EP, Don’t Get Obsessed With A Stranger is out for us to listen to and enjoy. 

Dafne has a very good ear for backing vocals and where they can work effectively. Always On My Mind, the second single to be featured on the EP doesn’t shy away from using this technique of overlapping background vocals with the central melody, creating an effective, dynamically textured sound that highlights the message of the lyrics, almost as if the phrase is as inescapable as the thoughts on the narrator’s mind. 

I Care Too Much is a slower, softer single that balances the other tracks out well with another good melody and lovely vocals that are relaxing to listen to and calm your mind to. The lyrics state, “I care too much without knowing if it’s mutual” reflecting the theme of feeling too hard it opens you up to be willing to do anything for a partner before you even know if they are willing to do the same. This bittersweet situation has many potential outcomes and Dafne handles the build-up to a possible fallout successfully in the honest lyrics. 

What I Wanna Do for You carries the same themes of a relationship on the precipice, sharing the conversations that Dafne had with her mother, inspiring this single, “who kept telling me to not let someone you don’t even know well have so much control over your feelings”. A wise woman. This single ups the pace from the previous and has interesting instrumentation and beat pattern that matches the style well. 

The EP is a refreshing debut: it is well written, intriguing, and has a great production value crafted by Dafne herself and producer/pianist Jurgen Gerlofs.

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