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Lois Rae Drops Summer Anthem, Swim

R&B singer-songwriter Lois Rae has got us ready to float into summer with her latest collaboration with East London rapper, TIKE. SWIM is the funky, fresh track we all need to battle through those last few wet, winter days, demonstrating Rae’s lyrical mastery and contemporary production. 

Lois gained the attention of the likes of Babezine and The Manc after her success with the track Mind in 2021. Entering a new sonic era in ’22, Rae’s got us seeking out spring with this vibrant R&B groover.

The track focuses on rising above bad energy, moving forward into the warmer months. The lyrics are married perfectly with the snappy drums and silky synths, incorporating Lois’ unique blend of 90s R&B and innovative production techniques. A voice I could only describe as Summer Walker if she was born in the north of England, Lois’ hush tones with an emotional undertone gives the track a sensual energy. This song was made for sitting by the pool, a time when sunburn is your biggest concern. 

The contrasting north/ south pairing of Rae and TIKE’s vocals really enriches this track, adding depth to the sonics and making for a well-rounded melody. Although, TIKE’s lyrics aren’t to be slept on, with ‘a fuck boy allergy’ championing the hot summer vibes this track radiates. 

Words by Lilly Tarmey

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