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Daniel Etherton is Laying Strong “Foundations” On His New Single

A debut single is a pivotal moment for any artist because first impressions of course are everything and they can contribute to how you are seen for the rest of your career. Someone who is new on the scene themselves is London-based singer/songwriter Daniel Ethreton who is stepping out with his single “Foundations.”

From the moment that those beautiful vocals start singing over the smooth guitar sounds it is hard not to appreciate the authentic vocals, we are listening to. The singer’s vocals alone are a gift and have the power to move his audiences so the way in which his sound is crafted is key to his success.

“Foundations” works really well as a debut, in that the ballad has a nice and heartfelt feel to it and not too dissimilar from what songs that are charting today. From what we’ve heard so far Daniel Etherton will fit in nicely among the Lewis Capaldi’s and Dermot Kennedy’s.

Speaking on the track directly, Daniel said:

“Foundations monopolizes a positive space that represents strong friendships and struggles in an optimistic and encouraging light. I’m going off my own experiences and insecurities here, staying true to my journey!” 

Listen to “Foundations” by Daniel Etherton here:

Words by: Bizu Yaregal

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