Daniel Furlong Spreads His Wings

Get ready to sore with the latest single from Daniel Furlong. The song , which was released independently by the Irish singer songwriter, has already begun to generate quite a buzz, opening in the Top 20 Irish songs on iTunes.

With a sound that seemingly combines the best of Passenger and Amber Run, Furlong has certainly made a splash as one to watch with his debut release.

Complete with a stirring intro, a beautiful guitar melody and undeniable folk influences, ‘Spread My Wings’ will be the perfect backdrop for any festival in the upcoming summer season.

Hopefully they’ll be a live gig of some sort very soon…we’ll keep you posted!

What’s the song really about?

Casting his mind back to simpler times the song begins with Furlong remeniscing on fond childhood memories.

Narrating the naivety of childhood Furlong describes several stages of his life including learning how to ride a bike with his father and playing with his friends.

While the song manages to remain cheery and lighted hearted it touches on the importance of learning new life lessons and makes brief reference to seeking parents approval.

This song connects for the simple fact that it’s honest and regardless of the outcome, growing up is a part of life we all have to face – yes even you.

But don’t start sighing just yet!

Furlong concludes the song by reminding listeners to hold on to a little piece of the child within.

Who knows it may just come in handy one day.

Thoughts From The Artist

Daniel furlong spread my wings Speaking on the song furlong echoed these sentiments revealing:

The transition from childhood into adulthood is something we all get to experience. We learn to accept the challenges & changes as a part of our daily lives, the transformations bringing with them their own unique lessons. From this place it’s important to remember where you’ve come from, to acknowledge the benefits of being ‘as a child’, of freedom without limitations, about endless possibilities & dreaming of the future, of pure happiness in it’s truest form. Those feelings of joy & remembering to never let them go.

You can listen to ‘Spread My Wings’ along with some amazing new music on the #IMDiscovers: Indie Spotify playlist:


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