#IMMusicMonday: Sidiq Cannot ‘Lose’

Ever felt down in the dumps? Shoulders slouching more than usual? Well, pick yourself right up because your dose of raw reassurance has arrived! The rise from a long fall is one worthy of praise and gratitude.

We often overlook our talents and waste emotions on our failures, mulling over the “could, should and would haves” after the fact, dreading the next move, faithless in our futures and lost in our pasts. Salvation can come knocking at any given. Today, it’s in the form of Lose.

UK  R&B  singer Sidiq unveils new song lose

We all have an inner warrior – one with a strong mind, sound soul, beastly might and conqueror’s heart – nurtured by self-love, care and the odd compliment to self for merely existing. Sidiq shares this robust and flavourful chestnut for the scrambled, reminding us that we are far greater than any ill-will, circumstantial injury or emotional trauma.

Sidiq debuts brand new single lose

This Londoner has enjoyed the pleasures of collaborating with UK super-duo, Phat and Small, touring and performing for hundreds of people, posting short glimpses of his journey on his YouTube channel. The use of instrumentation and beat pauses have been built on drama and grandeur, bolder than header text, boasting with confidence.

If this is what an auditory peek into Sidiq’s 8een area looks like, better headphones, ad-free Spotify and this treat right here ought to be next on your list this month.

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