The album follows the rapper’s independently released project Take Me Serious (2018) which pushed DDG to fore of the new era of rap.

The project was home to popular singles ‘Arguments’ and ‘Givenchy’ which have accumulated 13 million and 12 million Spotify streams respectively.

After signing his deal with Epic Records, which DDG spoke to us about in an interview earlier this year, the rapper turned his attention to his latest project ‘Valedictorian’.

(Photographer: David Camarena)

What is ‘Valedictorianabout?

The title of the project was inspired by the rapper’s own personal achievements.

In 2015, DDG stood at the head of the senior class as the valedictorian of his high school in Pontiac, Michigan.

The notably versatile album shares the story of the self-made multi-millionaire, diving into the ups and downs DDG has experienced along the way. Combining an array of trap, hip hop and R&B sounds, ‘Valedictorian’ explores relationships, the pursuit of success and the rockstar lifestyle that comes with fame.

The end result is a project that feels like a photo album of the rapper’s come up, capturing all of the important moments in real time.

The R&B Songs

While DDG’s rap capability on this album is undeniable, it was the R&B infused tracks that really sparked our interest.

The album of course featured fan favourites ‘Hold Up’, ‘Lil Baby’ and ‘Arguments’ as well new tracks ‘Meet Me In The Lobby’ and ‘Why/Arguments PT 2’.

Fusing elements of R&B and trap soul, ‘Meet Me In The Lobby’ sees DDG swapping big rhythms and bars for chilled melodies and vocals. Creating a sweet sounding blend reminiscent of Jeremih with a trap style twist, ‘Meet Me In The Lobby’ is the perfect track for driving at night time.

Taking a step back from the brash confidence explored on previous tracks, DDG opts for a more reserved and vulnerable approach, on ‘Why/Arguments PT 2’.

Showing listeners a softer side of himself the rapper vents his frustrations over a mellow R&B beat. Accompanied by slick heart wrenching visuals, the track showcases DDG’s more gentle sincere intonations.

A fluid, melodic continuation of ‘Arguments’, the new track sees the rapper laying out his feelings as an open book for fans to read, exploring the importance of cherishing the good times you share with those you love.

Listen to Valedictorian HERE:

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