Pop Singer Cecelia Gault Returns With New Single ‘In Front Of My Eyes’

Pop singer Cecilia Gault is back like she never left, with a newfound confidence in check.

‘In Front Of My Eyes’ is a dashing dose of pop goodness complete with all the attitude.

With a sound that can be described as synth-infused pop-soul with an EDM influence, Cecelia Gault glides across the melody with ease sprinkling the track with a selection of rousing riffs.

Get ready to dance in front of the mirror, hairbrush in hand. ‘In Front Of My Eyes’ features an infectious hook and a sagacious use of distortion to create the feeling of being intoxicated.

How Did ‘In Front Of My Eyes’ Come about?

Speaking on the pop song’s inception Gault shared:

“My new single was written with the amazing trio Trinity in Copenhagen. We met and wrote the song on the first day I arrived in Europe, where I was going to be studying for the next six months. I think you can hear the sheer excitement and anxiety I was feeling that afternoon.

Cecelia Gault in a yellow patterned dress speaking about her single in front of my eyes


What is the song about?

In a nutshell, the poor decisions you make when you’re in love. Cecelia Gault explains further:

“The song explores how easily you’re influenced when you’re in love, giving in to temptation, forgetting about all the pain this person may have put you through, and surrendering to any type of effects that your actions may hold the next morning.

Cecelia was determined to push herself vocally showcasing an side to her voice not usually seen on previous tracks.

Speaking on this she stated:

“The song is at a higher tempo than usual for me which juxtaposes the weakness and vulnerability the lyrics hold, comparing my weakness as visual textures.

Who is Cecelia Gault?

Gault first appeared on our radar in 2018 with the release of her single ‘If You’re Gonna Lie’.

Growing up in Lower Manhattan, Cecilia’s surroundings inspired her to strive for success, whilst learning to embrace what made her unique; something which very much informs her artistry.

Releasing her 2nd single ‘Lunatic’ earlier this year, reaching 65k streams, the singer expressed the importance reclaiming words like “Lunatic”, previously used against her romantic relationships.

Outside of her solo career Cecelia Gault has also spent a significant amount of time songwriting, including co-writing and singing on 2018 progressive house record ‘Higher’ by Audien, as well as work for Cleavage and TheFatRat.

More recently, she co-wrote and sang on Kaskade’s single ‘Love Me Like You Used To’, accumulating 3.6 million streams on Spotify.

Cecelia Gault in yellow jacket speaking on new single in front of my eyes

There’s is something about this pop song that will have you hitting replay, over and over agin. Maybe it’s the sass or the elements of funk creeping in with that bass. Whatever her secret, it’s certain that cecelia Gault is back with a bang!

Listen to ‘In Front Of My Eyes’ here and let us know what you think @industrymee

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