Debbie Is In Her ‘Savage Bag’ With Latest Single ‘No Way’

Singer-songwriter Debbie returns with her latest single ‘No Way’.

The London-based artist first debuted with the single, ‘Is This Real Love?’ back in 2021. She would then release several tracks over the years including: ‘Stay’, ‘Cousin’s Car’, and ‘All Night Long’. Most recently, she released the remix of ‘Is This Real Love?’ featuring American singer Lucky Daye.

The new single ‘No Way’ came to be after the end of Debbie’s relationship with her ex. It was written when she was in her ‘savage bag’ but wasn’t completed until a year later, with the help of fellow artist MNEK. They, KABBA, Jonny Coffer, and Andrew Jason Brown wrote the song. Coffer also produced the song alongside Knox Brown.

‘No Way’ is a blend of R’n’B and dance with the young singer calling out her ex for their infidelity. With powerful vocals, she makes sure her ex knows they’ll find no one like her again.

‘This song is special to me because its such a full circle moment. having your trust broken sucks ass and I’ve never been one to look for revenge, but this feels pretty sweet (and less destructive).’


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