DEJA delivers the truth in her latest single ‘How It Is’

West London’s sass queen brings us vibrant yet sweet harmonies in her new single ‘How It Is.’ DEJA uses personal experiences through confronting themes of sexuality, relationships and womanhood as she has dealt with many stereotypes in her life and by being brave and bold in her lyrics and sound this can help get the message across clearly.

Originating from Birmingham, DEJA moved to West London to pursue her career as a singer as DEJA has always been around music and this is what her to do this professionally. A variety of R&B icons such as Usher and Stevie Wonder helped her form her sound and to continue experimenting and developing this further. DEJA has had many successes thus far since coming onto the music scene in as her recent single ‘Mulan’ which follows the new hit did really well in the charts as well as capturing the attention of BBC Introducing London and COLORS. DEJA is also set to release her debut EP ‘Intro’ later this year.

‘How It Is’ has tonnes of flavours that make this song incredible, it has notes of confidence, fire and bits of her fun loving personality. The track oozes with passion and pure emotion as she creates soulful but groovy beats that will get you moving as well as feeling good in yourself as the single gives off vibes of strength and independence.

This tune brings the positive energy and is indulging as it really makes you reflect on yourself and your self-worth as an individual and this song has cheerful melancholic harmonies that are slow but light at first but as the song progresses it picks up the pace and becomes lively, playful and optimistic. DEJA’s vocals on this hit are funky, gentle and smooth which helps make this song so magnificent but brings chilled out vibes as the melodies sound rich, warm and blissful which makes this song a delight to listen to in the shade on a red hot day to help keep us cool. The track is infectious and catchy as well as courageous as it brings joy and calmness to our lives that makes us want to be more daring with choices, we make to allow our voices to be heard more.

‘How It Is’ has honest meaningful words as it is all about the theme of love but from a modern angle where the powerful words do not include being in love with a man, they are more aimed at loving herself and looking back on her own morals and focusing on letting go of self-pity and negativity in order to be happy and enjoy life whilst working on absolutely loving herself. It’s true what they say you need to love yourself before you let someone else try to love you because if you have issues in the way you look or feel then it is never going to work because you’ll never be able to see you how they do and for a long time I had difficulty accepting myself and loving how I looked but before getting into a relationship with my fiancé I lost weight, cut out negative energy and focused on me by being open minded and positive in order to help me become the best version of myself.

DEJA dives in deep with her message of exploring female monogamy and more of what is expected of men as she continues to bring the heat by explaining in her words how we love men, but how can we be certain of being with one person for the rest of our lives and it may be harsh but although he’s living with the fantasy of me, I’m keeping my options open and that’s just how it is.  It is completely normal to take your time, keep your options open and be free spirited because when you commit to someone for life in terms of marriage you need to be one hundred percent sure they will be accepting of you and your flaws as well as being confident that they will love you as much as you love yourself because if they don’t then it’s their loss as it’s important to keep being optimistic and happy in just being you by continuing to grow as a person to develop self-love and just understanding that you deserve the best.

Here at IndustryMe we look forward to more sensational hits from DEJA as they are empowering and make me feel good.

‘How It Is’ is available to stream now.

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