Kailaya drops her latest song ‘Lately’ [REVIEW]

Soulful vocalist Kailaya brings us joyful up-tempo sounds in her new song ‘Lately.’ Kailaya is donating proceeds of her new single to LifeLover which provides humanitarian aid to the people in Ukraine. Originating from Los Angeles, Kailaya has also always loved music from a young age and was very expressive of music through movement. Learning about the beauty of words Kailaya took up writing and won contests for poetry, this inspired her to use experiences both good and bad and allowed her to be vulnerable and honest with her emotions and this helped her develop her style and sound of music.  Kaulaya is still experimenting with sounds of old school R*B and jazz to make her music perfect as she continues to try and make people feel what she does through authentic words and slow intimate rhythms.

‘Lately’ oozes with fiery passion and raw emotions with hints of sass and confidence, the track has many flavours including sweet blissful harmonies and funky cheerful beats that bring positivity and calmness. This song will make you sway along to the rhythm as we look to share deep connections with the meaning of the track that gives off cool crisp vibes. The tune reminds me of relaxing times but also how lately there has been a sharp fresh breeze in the air that brings chills down our spines just like the song does but there has also been a lot of sunshine that brings happiness and peace to our days.

The vocals are truly magnificent and are beautiful sounding along with smooth harmonies to give us soulful elegant melodies that make us want to listen on repeat as her voice is extremely powerful and indulging that captivates the hearts of others. The lyrics are writing about reflection on a relationship she is currently in and how it is causing her pain which is heard through the soft melancholic sounds in this memorising track.

Kailaya wanted to perfect the art of letting go and moving forward and enjoying life. Even though it is hard to let go it is the best way to be yourself and to get rid of the hurt. I have experienced a situation where I didn’t want to lose the love, I had for someone in the past but I wasn’t being true to myself and it wasn’t fair on me to let this person continue to give me heartache. Music is the best cure for heartbreak and with the emotions of sadness and contentment it makes this song remarkable as well as personal.

Here at IndustryMe we look forward to more spectacular songs from Kailaya in the near future as her sound makes you feel warm inside.

‘Lately’ is available to stream now!

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