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DJ Lag and Jazz Alonso Unveil ‘Oke Oke’ Music Video Ahead of New Album Release

South African producer DJ Lag and Spanish artist Jazz Alonso share their new official video for their track ‘Oke Oke‘. The release is accompanied by the announcement of DJ Lag´s latest album ‘The Rebellion‘ to be released on June 21st. 

The song blends elements of electronic music, South African rhythms, and Jazz Alonso´s vocals. The result is a captivating track that enhances the strengths of the music of each culture. Therefore vocals play off the beats and vice-versa. Rosalía with flamenco and Bad Bunny with mambo has opened the avenue for various styles of music to blend in with the ever-expanding panorama of Spanish music. Here, South African beats and Spanish vocals combine beautifully in a riotous track. In addition, UK Grammy-nominated producer GG contributed to the song during an all-nighter session in London. The raw energy and groove of the song combined with the night scenes in the music video, reflect that late-night session as a result of creating, experimenting, and longing while others are sleeping. 

The video’s aesthetic is reminiscent of anime films and the longing of Hong Kong films such as Fallen Angels and Chungking Express by Wong Kar-wai. The music video, directed by Jazz Alonso, uses similar film techniques such as lower frame rates and blue-drenched night scenes. Similarly, the video balances its themes between sensuality and longing with furious beats and incendiary vocals. Filmed on several continents around the world, Alonso bridges the world between them seamlessly. There is a portrayal of a sense of desire and longing that is prevalent throughout the video.

The collaboration between DJ Lag and Jazz Alonso is exciting, experimental, and just plain fun to listen to. Furthermore, Jazz also shows lots of skill and promise in music video directing and I can’t wait to see and hear more of her. Conversely, this is a great way to get people excited for the release of ‘The Rebellion‘. I for one can’t wait.

You can find DJ Lag on InstagramTikTok, and X. Also, you can find Jazz Alonso on InstagramTikTok, and X. Watch the music video below and read news pieces here.

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