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#IMMusicMondays: Jack Kane on Authenticity and the Emotional Core of his New EP (Interview)

Jack Kane started out in acting but is continuing to branch out into music. Following on his 2023 EP ‘Shinerthe singer continues his exploration into modern life’s murkier topics. Jack is deft at lyric writing, which shines through on his new project. While a light listen at first, his indie pop stylings hold up to second and third listenings.

With his new EP out, I sent over some questions via email to try and gain an insight into his writing process and where he finds inspiration.   

Jack Kane

Sequins‘ is quite a deceptive title considering it’s for an EP that deals with some quite heavy topics. Where did the inspiration for that name come from?

“It’s hard to break a sequence with the sequins in your eyes” was the first lyric I wrote of the whole EP. Its meaning is that it’s difficult to change negative behaviour if you’re constantly distracting yourself with other things. This lyric kickstarted the whole project for me. The EP is about self-reflection, and standing face-to-face with your issues. It covers a lot of things I’ve been thinking about addressing for a long time, but have never actually said out loud, looking behind the curtain, or in this case, looking behind the sequins.

The title track ‘Sequins‘, is based on a real story. Did you feel a release from putting it into words?  

Completely. I think it’s my first song where every lyric has happened 100% exactly as I’ve written it. There’s always a nakedness that comes along with telling the ugly truth. But ultimately, it’s much more rewarding to release any art that comes from an unfiltered place. 

You’ve got a genuine and easy lyricism to your music that makes the story flow well with the music. Who are some of your inspirations when songwriting? 

Thank you! Growing up, I listened to a lot of Americana. I think that shaped what I gravitate towards lyrically. I was aiming for a cinematic and visual storytelling feel for this EP, and having that background has definitely helped. If I had to give specific names, I think my top 3 at the moment are Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, and (Paul) McCartney. I also love Madison Cunningham and Paolo Nutini

In the songs ‘Swimming Pool‘ and ‘I’m Just Being Honest‘, you talk about people being inauthentic. Do you think there is too much pressure for people today to put on a show? 

I guess so! ‘Swimming Pool‘ is about myself navigating the gap between child and teenager. I think anyone that has been that age can relate to faking some sort of persona for people to like you, trying out new looks, and feeling generally pretty uncomfortable the whole time. I was having a conversation the other day about ‘authenticity’ in music and how it’s paramount if you want to connect with people and enjoy the process at the same time. But, ironically, if you’re not an outgoing, high-energy, social media-savvy person, you have to fake all of these things so that people actually have a chance at hearing your music! 

Also in ‘Swimming Pool‘, you talk about yourself being caught up in acting completely differently when you wanted to. Have you ever had a moment when you have acted completely differently, then looked back and thought, ‘Who was I’? 

Too many to count! When I was younger, I went through A LOT of phases, and as soon as I was out of those phases, I would look back and think, “Who on earth was that guy, and what on earth was he thinking?”. After pretty much every night out, I wake up and feel like I was being so cocky and loud and annoying, regardless of whether I was or not. I wrote ‘I’m Just Being Honest‘ about this fantasy version of myself from the night before and how much I hate ‘him’.

Jack Kane

Your songs are often very emotional, with these deeply introspective moments within them. When writing, do you find yourself going over a line into areas that are too emotional, and how do you find balance in your writing?  

With writing, I have always thought the more vulnerable, the better. I feel way more connected to songs where the writer is being open and honest. Whenever I think, “Should I actually be sharing this information with the world?”, I find the process more exciting. I tend to write any sad/heartbreak song long after the sadness/heartbreak has occurred. Not by design, but I think it’s helped having a full understanding of the situation before I write about it, looking at it from a bird’s eye view, and pinpointing the moments I find most important. 

And finally, what’s the plan with this EP? Where are you taking it next, and what’s the plan for the summer?

I’m planning on recording live versions of the songs, maybe not to release, but maybe just for YouTube. I think a lot of the songs lend themselves to an acoustic feel (and) I have some festivals this summer in the diary where I’ll be playing a lot of the EP. I feel like this is my strongest work so far, so I’m gonna try and make sure everyone hears it!

Jack Kane is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Stream his new EP below and read more interviews here.

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