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#IMMusicMonday: In Conversation With Duchess

London based pop singer/songwriter Duchess is sending a hug to the nation with her latest single ‘Close ‘. Teaming up with producer and co-writer Patch Boshell, the singer explores the concept of devotion within the context of a relationship.

To date, Duchess has written for multiple artists in addition to releasing four singles of her own – amassing over 1 Million streams. Her previous work makes a point of channelling a strong and confident female’s point of view, with songs like Breathe being created to raise awareness of domestic violence cases.

Entering a new chapter in her journey with ‘Close’, Duchess spoke with us about her latest single and how she’s dealing with the lockdown.

You hold a degree in performing arts so I’m presuming music was something you always wanted to pursue? 

I’ve always been confident and expressive, ever since I was young. I’d have countless notebooks of lyrics or poetry expressing how I felt at the time. Whilst music wasn’t always the goal from the start, I knew I wanted to pursue something in the arts. What I learned in my degree has definitely helped with the characterisation of DUCHESS. 

How did your family take it when you told them?

My Mum has always encouraged me to perform, I think she’s happy with the life I have and is grateful I am able to pursue my dreams. She is also creative, so [she] didn’t need much convincing. I think it’s fair to say the only concerns from my family were financial stability and the harshness of the industry. 

Why music specifically as opposed to acting or dance for example?

I actually love acting and dancing! I attend dance classes weekly (although covid19 has prevented me from doing this recently) and hope to showcase more of my dancing in future music videos. Music is more accessible and enjoyable for me so it’s the path I decided to focus on. Having said that, being an artist means you can act, role play and dance as well!  

I know you work quite closely with your co-writer, Patch Boshell. Why do you think your partnership works so well?

Patch and I have formed a great working relationship over the years. I think it really comes down to both of us taking the time to understand each other and build the brand of Duchess together. We are both honest (sometimes brutal) with one another and he has put a lot of work and heart into developing me as an artist. When you are working with someone as talented as Patch, it’s easy to bounce ideas of each other and get a great result. We have also maintained a great friendship outside of work which I think is a key factor as to why the partnership works so well. 

You’ve previously described your music as “Sexy Pop” can you explain what you mean by this?

Well… I aim to seduce the listener with my music if you listen to my catalogue of songs you will understand what I mean by sexy pop (winks)

A previous song of yours “Situation” was inspired by a line you heard in a movie, does inspiration often strike you at random moments like this?

YES! All the time, it’s great. Most of my ideas come to me when I’m in the middle of cooking, or just as I am about to drift off to sleep, which is annoying. The best ideas often come when there is no pressure or expectation, I can be talking to someone or watching TV and I’ll hear something that will spark an idea. Like all songwriters, I use the voice note recorder on my phone religiously! 

What is the weirdest place or thing you’ve been inspired by? 

When Patch and I were in the studio and we were tapping on a tea cup and recorded it. We made a whole song from that. 

On the subject of inspiration, what’s the story behind your latest single “Close”

Close is a romantic song about craving that unique intimate connection two people can have when in love. When you are with them, no matter how close you get – it’s still not close enough. The body has this urge to somehow find a way to get even closer, to have even more of that person. 

Should we be expecting visuals for the song?

Unfortunately, the plans for a video fell through due to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, I have worked with Christy Visuals to create a lyric video, which is live on my YouTube now. I also have a remix and acoustic version due to be released in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those! I hope that makes up for the lack of visuals for this single?  

I’m sure it will! Speaking of the C-word I refuse to say, how have you been spending this time in quarantine?

I am actually really thriving during this period, I am taking the time to focus on myself and catch up on all the things I have wanted and needed to do for so long. I have been enjoying working out, reading books and of course writing new material. It has been really interesting reconnecting with old friends and learning how to remain close with people without actually being able to see them. It’s kind of ironic releasing a single called Close when we are all so distant. 

Finally, what are you working on that listeners can look forward to?

Patch and I have been working on an EP which should be released early next year, so expect a few single releases throughout the year as well as a few collaborations I’ve got in the pipeline!

Listen to Close here:

Photo credit: @WaynesPhotoz

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