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The Start Of Something Beautiful: Shaé Universe – You Lose

The distinctive neo-soul vocal leanings of UK R&B artist Shaé Universe have always set the singer apart from her contemporaries. While Shaé continues to leave an undeniable imprint on the ears and mind of her listeners, this time it’s for a slightly different reason. The Londoner’s latest single “You Lose” showcases the bold fusion of R&B and Drill in a manner we’ve yet to witness before.

Since the start of the year, there have been rumblings on the underground of the melding of two previously considered contrasting sounds to create what the streets seem to be calling R&Drill.

For us, as a platform heavily invested in the R&B scene, “You Lose” was an unexpected yet pleasant detour to a brand new universe (pun totally intended).

It has been acknowledged that UK artist C Cane sparked the initial conversation with an Instagram post that seemed to get everybody’s creative juices flowing, including UK producer TSB, who chose to share his take on the developing genre via Twitter.

However,it now appears that Shaé Universe is carrying the torch.

“You Lose” admittedly only scratches the surface with the places that the UK could take this new sound.

Still, I remain excited by the prospect of witnessing the birth of a new genre and more importantly what it means for the broader conversation on R&B.

This intersection of music cultures and scenes could open up a plethora of opportunities for both genres including a wider reach and in the future maybe even chart success.

Every era of music has its golden boy (or girl) who pushes the sound forward, holding the potential to take the genre to new heights. While it is still early days if “You Lose” is anything to go by Shaé Universe could be just the artist to spearhead this new wave of R&B fusion.

The self-proclaimed hood Mona Lisa, beautifully painted scenes of heartbreak and betrayal with an array of rich harmonies and heart-stirring melodies; set against the backdrop of O.J. Hodding’s gritty production.

The reason this track worked for me was due to the way it carried a subtly belligerent energy without compromising Shaé’s innate sensuality and the elegant sensibility we’ve seen on previous tracks like No Stallin’. It offered a fresh perspective without losing the essence of why we fell in love with her voice.

At a more minute level, it is refreshing to see new life breathed into R&B once more and artists unafraid to experiment with sonics.

Looking further towards the further this meeting of minds could also make for some equally exciting collaborations between artists previously perceived as unsuitable matches

This is something that has not gone underneath Shaé’s radar, as the singer took to Twitter earlier this week to express her desire to work with fellow UK artist Unknown T.

Something tells me a remix could be on the horizon much sooner than we think.

Listen to You Lose here at let us know what you think @IndustryMee

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