Megan Black @ Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Tips For First Time Buskers

It’s festival season here in ‘Sunny’ Scotland, with the biggest arts and culture festival in the country hitting the streets of Edinburgh for another year.

The performers are out in force.

Everything has become a venue for the numerous theatre productions and many talented buskers have taken to the streets all across Edinburgh to showcase what they can do.

One of those buskers performing at this years festival is none other than Megan Black, a talented young folk rock artist who is really taking the Scottish music scene by storm.

Megan has busked at the Fringe many times, becoming a pro at this point. We caught up with her to find out more about her story and to ask her for any tips that she may have for those busking for the first time.

“I started out busking to give me a bit of a confidence boost, to meet new people and be part of the festival. I think busking is a great start for musicians as it gives you a chance to experiment with new material, promote yourself and become accustomed to performing. I think all musicians and artists start out differently but would recommend busking for both beginners and professionals who want to try out some new material or experiment more with their work.”

Megan found her passion for music and songwriting at a young age, performing at gigs in school and starting out as young artist at the fringe. She told us her favourite thing about performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“I think the best thing about busking at the fringe is the atmosphere you’re surrounded by: you’re always meeting new artists and picking up new inspiration from other performers and possibly finding new music to listen to.”

The Edinburgh Fringe festival provides the best backdrop for new musicians to showcase their talent in a new way and meet loads of new and exciting people. We asked Megan if she had any advice for new musicians starting out as a busker.

“If I were to give any advice to new musicians who want to try busking, it’d be to take nothing too personally. People are getting on with their day; if they stop and listen; great; if they don’t, it’s nothing against you or your talent. I’d also say just to go with things – play what you want to play and the audience that you want to attract will surely gain something from what you’re doing. Also, live music never (ever) goes to plan, so just enjoy it for what it is and HAVE FUN!”

With more and more buskers performing at the Fringe every year, more talent is being picked up and people are gaining favourite to look out for.

“I think busking helps to ground musicians. It makes you see both of how difficult and easy performing can be: sometimes it feels natural and sometimes it really doesn’t. I think it all depends on how you look at it – for me, I see it as no pressure (now at least) as people are just doing their own think and you’re just there to play some music. If they want to give you money then that’s just a bonus! Overall, I think it helps you grow a thicker skin, so in a way, it probably does help you to become more confident.”

The festival will run till the end of August so there is still plenty of time to catch some fabulous busking, with Megan performing another three dates on the 13th, 19th and 26th.

“I think the Fringe is the best place for new buskers as it is always fresh and you can always find inspiration from fellow performers and artists – it really is the ideal place for artists to show off what they’re doing, meet new people and promote themselves and the atmosphere is always great!”

Megan will be releasing her new single Wooden Woman on September 6 which you can stream on her Spotify.

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