Indie Band Super Low Is Reaching Super Highs with New Album

For fans of popular groups like The Cure or The Shins, there’s a new indie band for you to fall in love with. Super Low, an indie-pop band based out of Memphis, Tennessee, is comprised of vocalist Tiger Adams, drummer John Lewandowski, bassist Conner Booth, and a number of other musicians for liver performances. Originally a traditional five-piece, Super Low eventually transitioned into its current lineup, marking an interesting departure from convention.

Despite their non-traditional form, Super Low has just released their self-titled debut album. From the album’s first track “Unlimited Data” to its final tune “Silver,” it’s hard not to get hooked. The songs are whimsical and upbeat that blends perfectly into their deep and introspective lyrics.

We were lucky enough to talk to vocalist Tiger Adams to discuss Super Low’s past, present, future, and more.

Can you tell us the story of Super Low? How did you meet and decide to start making music together?

Tiger Adams: I’ve known John since we were 5 and met the rest of the band when I was 14 we’ve all played in a lot of different bands over the years. I recorded some songs the summer before I left for college really didn’t like going to school in Fayetteville, switched back to Memphis and started playing music with the people that are in Super Low now.

Your album, Super Low, contains songs that manage to be deep yet upbeat. What inspired that?

Oh cool, thanks for saying that! I don’t know, I guess that’s kind of my goal with writing songs.

What do you want listeners to get from Super Low?

I don’t know if there’s anything specific I want people to take from it. I’d prefer for people to create their own meanings and connect them to their own memories instead of my own.

Choosing a favourite song can be like choosing a favourite child – impossible – but do you have any specific favourite? A track that means the most to you?

I really like “Brighton” because it’s the newest one I had written and has a very different production than the others.

Your sound is reminiscent of acts like The Cure and The Shins, but who are your influences? What music do you love to listen to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jessica Pratt, Shy Boys, Video Age, Shep Treasure, Nap Eyes, and Broadcast lately!

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for you – what else can we expect from you this year?

We’re doing more touring in August – dates below – and October and planning on putting out four more singles by the end of the year!

Super Low is on tour this August, so if you’re in the following areas, you should definitely check them:

8/18 – Memphis, TN

8/19 – Nashville, TN – The End

8/20 – Chicago, IL – Schuba’s

8/23 – Cincinnati, OH – Northgate Tavern

8/24 – Pittsburgh, PA – Howler’s

8/25 – New York, NY – Baby’s All Right

8/26 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd

8/27 – Richmond, VA – The Camel

8/28 – Durham, NC – Pinhook

8/30 – Knoxville, TN – Scruffy’s

8/31 – Louisville, KY – Mag Bar

If you want to know more about Super Low, follow them on Instagram, and be sure to check out their Bandcamp!

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