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Ejay Mallard | Healium Album Review

Ejay Mallard is back with a new project that serves as Ejay’s second album; following the release of his debut – Traumatized – back in 2019.

Healium is a 15-track R&B album with elements of Hip-Hop and Trap Soul. As a result, the album uses a vary of style and sounds, giving the album a broader range. Right from the beginning, the style of production is the key element of the album as the intro – “Nobody” – is completely structured by Ejay’s voice. The majority of tracks are a combination of R&B/Hip-hop, with “Fasho” and “Rudy’s Story” being examples. Some tracks such as “I-35 Freestyle”, “The Section” and “Proof” are more orchestral and acoustic using guitars, string instruments and the piano to fit the tone and theme of the songs. Being influenced by 00s nostalgia, Ejay uses Timbaland-inspired uptempo R&B beats for tracks: “Heartbreak Kid” and “Choices” – with the former being one the standout tracks on the album.

#HEALIUM has many meanings to me. On the surface, it’s SCIENTIFIC — allowing me to experiment in ways I haven’t before! #HEALIUM is also the SECOND element on the periodic table — thus a way for me to represent my SECOND studio album title. And finally, #HEALIUM is what gives flight to a balloon — allowing me to share with you all the HEALing I’ve experienced these past 2 years!”

Ejay Mallard.

Being a Houston native, Ejay celebrates his city, frequently referencing H-Town in several of his tracks. The young singer also made it his mission to bring up and coming Houston talent to the forefront by featuring six Houston artists on his album.

Healium is an intricate piece of art which explores multiple themes of love, relationships and mental health as Ejay bares his soul to listeners.  The standout tracks on the album have to be: “Heartbreak Kid”, “Red Balloons”, “Proof”, “Reparations” and the title track, “Healium” – all being prime examples of these themes.

Healium is a form of self-healing for Ejay, so if you too are looking for inner peace and self-healing, give this album a listen.

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