Tahn Solo Tortoise Territory An EP Review

It’s officially autumn, and there’s no better time to dive into some relaxing new music. If you’re not sure what to listen to, Tahn Solo has you covered. The artist’s debut EP Tortoise Territory is full of calm, chill beats, perfect for those cold evenings when you just want to vibe.

Though the EP lasts for only 15 minutes, those 15 minutes are full of bliss. Together, the five tracks—”(establishing) Territory,” “Joyride,” “LIAR/LIAR,” “Quantum Sea,” and “The Rumour”—all manage to transport the listener to a different, almost dreamlike place.

Tortoise Territory begins with “(establishing) Territory,” an apt choice to introduce listeners to what’s to come. Two minutes chock full of ambiance, the track will get you comfortable for the ride that’s to come.

And that ride quickly turns into a “Joyride,” the second track on the EP. “Joyride” is so seamlessly woven into the previous song that at first, you might not even realize Solo has switched paths. This song is the aural embodiment of chilling. Solo’s vocals are as relaxed as the song is relaxing.

“LIAR/LIAR,” on the other hand, is almost deceiving. While the track’s beat implies serenity, its title and subsequent lyrics suggest something more aggressive. “Liar, liar, have some shame, you and I are not the same,” Solo sings, and it’s a scathing indictment. It’s these contradictions, this tug and pull, between the music and the lyrics that make “LIAR/LIAR” particularly compelling.

Now fully immersed in Solo’s vibe, “Quantum Sea” is a definite highlight. A little quicker than the previous tracks, it’s not hard to imagine this song playing on the radio during a late-night cruise through the neighborhood. With lyrics like “They always movin’ the goal post,” it’s no doubt a song that will have you lost in thought.

By the time the Tortoise Territory reaches its final track, “The Rumour,” Solo has taken listeners on a true journey, the testament of a great artist. While he sings, “I don’t make the rules for everybody, mind you,” it might actually be a rule that, when listening to this song, you sing along and bob your head along with the beat.

Tortoise Territory is just a taste, a small sample of what Tahn Solo has to offer. But if these five tracks are anything to go by, he has a more-than-promising future in the music world. 

Listen to Tortoise Territory by Tahn Solo here:

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