Elizabeth M. Drummond Transports You Into a Dreamlike State With Latest Single ‘I Tried’

Australian indie singer and guitarist, Elizabeth M. Drummond, transmits a chill effortless quality on her latest track ‘I Tried,’ following the release of ‘Crisis‘ and ‘Congratulations‘ over the last two consecutive months.

In this new collection of singles, Drummond has blessed us with a dreamy, Beach House-type sound, cut with jaggedy rock guitar and hazy production. Given that she has only come onto the scene recently, her music feels beautifully polished and refined. This unified trio of singles demonstrates an understanding and confidence in her vision and the direction she wishes to take her music in. Ultimately these tracks will make up her highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Congratulations,’ out for release on the 18th of November.

I Tried‘ artfully encapsulates the bitterness of a relationship’s expiration and the realisation that you must now move on alone. She has worked through the stages, trying to fix things and make them work, but now accepts that they’d inevitably be happier apart- ‘I can’t rewind… can’t save us now, but f**k I tried.’ Elizabeth’s mellow, warm vocals, comparable to those of indie pop artists, Clairo and Phoebe Bridgers, sound somewhat defeated and worn-down on the track, echoing the essence of her lyrics.

I think I wrote and produced this song in its entirety on the one day, which is rare. I will often abandon something if I don’t finish it very soon after starting. This song is just a reflection of how I was feeling after coming out of a relationship that had run its course. I have to thank my friend Guy Tarento (Angus1) for pushing me to finish the song & the production on my own. I would never have released it without his insistence.

Elizabeth M. Drummond

Visuals Directed by Richard Clifford

The visuals that have been released in conjunction with the track are boldly abstract in imitating a static image on a screen. The distorted cool blue and rich-red visuals feature snippets of Elizabeth’s face, zoomed in and out; blurred but highlighted by the light. It is simple yet artistically effective, complementing the warped sound of ‘I Tried.’ Additionally, the video paints Elizabeth as an elusive figure. You cannot easily make out any features on her face and body as they merge into a mass of light and colour, almost like an illusion.

Until now Elizabeth performed with her childhood band, Little May, until bravely taking the plunge and pursuing a solo career. The mesmerising nature of ‘I Tired‘ along with the anticipation for her forthcoming EP, suggest it was well worth the transition. Presently, she’s set to play her first solo show in Melbourne this October, supporting Aussie band Bad Dreems on tour. The first of what is likely to be many live performances from this up-and-coming artist.

I Tried‘ is out now via Young Poet. You can find Elizabeth M. Drummond on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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