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Emilee Moore Drops New Single, Benchwarmer

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Emilee Moore releases her brand new song ‘Benchwarmer’. Originally from Vancouver, Canada the pop sensation moved to LA to develop her career further. Moving to a new city must have been extremely daunting for Emilee, even though the song is based on someone breaking her heart, she also faces heartbreak from being miles away from family.

Emilee is believed to be the master of break-up songs as she uses her own experiences of love and heartbreak to give people something they can relate to. The song oozes with intimacy and emotion making the track sound so raw and energetic. The heavy but groovy beats give this tune edge allowing it to be unique and stand out from the rest.

Getting hurt by someone you love is never easy and like Emilee I’ve had my own fair share of heartbreak in the past, I remember the sharp pain in my heart as I sat on my bed thinking how could they do this to me. Heartache can make us both angry or sad and Emilee emphasises this throughout the instrumental using dramatic guitar riffs and soft pop melodies to give off that rock chick vibe. Dark clouds hang over her as she mourns for her former lover, attempting to move on and be happy again. This tune will capture your attention on the many ups and downs of love whilst listening to Emilee’s beautiful voice, it will also make you want to jump about and just let it all out.

Emilee mentions never loving again in her lyrics and this is something we all feel when we are going through a tough break-up, the pain is that excruciating it makes you want to run and hide from love. This shows a side of vulnerability as she is opening up to her fans by telling them through the power of music that it has taken a kick in the gut to realise that she’d rather stay single than have her heart ripped out again.

Although heartbreak makes a good inspiration for incredible and creative storytelling for the next hit, here at Industry Me we hope that Emilee has happier times ahead so she can create more joyful tunes in the near future, however, no one really knows what’s around the corner so, for now, it’s another guessing game on what the next fantastic song by her will be about.

Listen to “Benchwarmer” by Emilee More here:

‘Benchwarmer’ is available to stream now on all major platforms and follow Emiliee on socials here!

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