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Ray Alex Is Synchronised To Your Rhythm in new single

Smooth criminal Ray Alex drops his latest track ‘Synchronise To Your Rhythm’.  The north Londoner sets the scene for the song by introducing themes of lust and psychedelics.  The single comes from his upcoming EP ‘Good To Me’.  Throughout his career thus far Ray has done many collaborations with the likes of Sydney Jane and Julia Romana.

This funky, soulful tune will get your hips moving to the sweet sounds of jazz. This song is extremely relaxing and chilled but also brings good vibes, this is something we all need to help our body and mind destress. There is also an element of spice to the track which gives it a nice touch as he explores his sensual side.

Being with a lover is all about being in sync with each other and making sure you both want the same thing as this helps to keep the spark alive in a relationship. Ray mixes groovy R&B with soft dance beats which adds flavour and originality to it.  The song oozes with sass and passion which is something I really love hearing from his slick yet stylish vocals.

Synchronise To Your Rhythm details a warm summer’s evening on a mind-blowing journey in Rotterdam with a lover, influencing early 80’s and 90’s blues with a modern jazzy twist on R&B, reminiscing memories of a long distanced spiritual connection with another soul.  The music Ray creates is unique and really shows individuality as he showcases his personality throughout the hit. In Ray’s lyrics, he mentions making it up as he goes along and this is what we all do in life because no one really knows what they want it’s all about going with the flow and having no worries. 

Ray Alex continues to prove that he is an exciting artist to watch out for as he is determined to push boundaries within UK R&B. Here at IndustryMe we are intrigued to hear more from Ray Alex soon.  His previous single ‘Erased’ did extremely well as it got frequent airplay on several radio stations alongside some of the best talents in the UK and we hope that ‘Synchronise To Your Rhythm’ has the same success.

Synchronise To Your Rhythm is out now on all major platforms and be sure to keep up with his latest release by following his socials!

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