Happy June Guys! Summer is around the corner, at least for those who don’t live in the UK. All jokes about British Weather aside, the emergence of sunshine can only mean one thing – Festival season!

Whether you are heading to Wireless or Glastonbury here are 5 tips to ensure you have the best time.

Be Fashionable But Practical

Being comfortable in your attire is imperative for your enjoyment.

Out of ideas? Not to worry, we have a full style guide for you here for your inspiration.

You’re going to be on your feet pretty much all day. Comfortable shoes are MANDATORY.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear trainers that you mind getting dirty. They are most likely to come back ruined. Wellies/walking boots are your best allies! Be sure to remember wellies socks to avoid blisters.


a group of guys looking into the distance

This can be a little daunting at first, but Festivals are some of the best places to meet like-minded people. The people you come across are likely to have very similar interests if not musical tastes to you. Who knows you might make a new friend!

Stay hydrated

Friends sharing water at a festival While there will of course be a seemingly endless fountain of alcohol, it’s important to remember to drink water.

It’s incredibly easy to become dehydrated when you are spending a lot of time in the sun. In the interest of your health and safety ensure that you have a bottle of water on you at all times.

Arrive early

Tent at the edge of the woods

Don’t be the person that arrives late and spends hours wandering in the dark looking for a spot to pitch their tent in. Try getting there in the early morning, allowing you to find a nice, non-muddy spot hopefully close to the stage and away from the loos.

Take Snaps

Festival goers taking photos beside the stageYou know the saying: a picture says a thousand words. Be sure to capture your favourite moments on camera. If you are worried about phone damage bring a disposable camera with flash so you can capture the best of both the day and the night.