[Video Release] – Valencia James Unveils The Visuals To Her Debut Single ‘Flame’

Sydney based singer Valencia James is determined to redefine pop, with fierce mid tempo number that explores the complexity of life’s issues.

Inspired by the lose of her family home which was burnt down in the infamous Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ‘Flames’ was birthed from the ashes of the trauma of losing a plethora of priceless memories and photographs.

Valencia James explained:

“The song also represents how easily a relationship can be destroyed through words and actions” reveals Valencia, “anyone that has ever had relationship difficulties or been hurt because of words or actions can probably relate to this song”.

Dancing between slick production and captivating melodies Valencia’s brand of dark pop depicts the war between struggle and confidence.

The accompanying visuals for the single follow its storyline with images of Valencia James being surrounded by tempestuous flames.

Looking out into the audience throughout the video, seemingly unmoved by the chaos, James showcases sentiments of resilience in hardship revealing the ultimate message of the song, that the difficult times will eventually pass.

Check out the video here:

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More about Valencia James:
Born in New York and now residing in Sydney, Australia the dark-pop artist prides herself in crafting powerfully emotive music, which both thematically and sonically cuts deep to the soul. Valencia’s music is inspired by life events and aims to talk about darkness and shade, whilst casting a brightness and positivity to it.
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