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Francis Aud’s Shares New pop-funk single “Take Me Home”

The self-proclaimed love child of Al Green, James Brown, and Marvin Gaye (and more contemporarily Bruno Mars, Allen Stone, and Paulo Nutini).

Bandleader, songwriter, and singer Francis Aud is responsible for the unique blend of funk and pop elements he applies in his music. He is also responsible for coining his own sub-genre, “FONK MUSIC”. The derived art form is on full display on his latest effort “Take Me Home”. Francis implements an electro-pop beat, bustling with snares, synths, and a strong lead guitar to plead with a former lover.

Lyrics like “I’m lost in space, searching for a breath to take, my faith misplaced somewhere that I can’t reach, it’s way too late for me to change mistakes I made, and I’m so far away, so far away” make up a passionate chorus delivered with intent and decisiveness. What could have been a run of the mill pop single is elevated to a potentially timeless record bound to make you bob your head, dance, feel something in your loins, or all of the above due to the complex production.

The Brooklyn native is set to release a new project in the next few months but he already has a sizeable catalogue of singles waiting to be streamed.

Listen to the new Francis Aud here and catch up on his catalogue:

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