San Rao, Mass Idea and The Rec. Let It All Go In New Single ‘Free’

Drawing inspiration from experimentation, San Rao and Mass Idea have gathered in San’s room once again. This time, they’ve collaborated with The Rec. to create ‘Free‘ – a song from the future, reflecting on the moment. This duo’s collab with a band from West Country features live instrumentation blended with digital production and vocal finesse.

I still feel free in the moment. I’m not perfect so I won’t try.‘ – San Rao

If you’re unaware of who these folks are (even though you should be a fan by now) we have a summary in our April Roundup. San Rao and Mass Idea have remarkable chemistry which is prevalent in their music. Creating from a place of respect, they joined forces with London-based fashion photographer, Fvrriis, to present a visualizer, comprised of a series of short clips of life as we know it now. On top of that, there is a lyric video available on Mass Idea’s YouTube channel which is, by far, the best lyric video of 2020. Argue with your ancestors if you don’t agree.


Although the artists have said “the track reflects what we were going through at the time; overwhelmed with pressure yet feeling strangely free“, explaining the meaning behind ‘Free‘ is difficult because it could mean so many different things, depending on the listener. In some parts, it’s the ultimate break up song, and in others, it’s a middle finger to the Rona (which is necessary, in all honesty) but more than anything, it represents growing beyond the bounds of your mental blocks. One only places limitations on themselves when they allow the ego to use memories of pain as a means of protection. Regardless of how memories, or even people, appear in life, they’re a teaching tool for the mind, not a barricade born from the ego.

San’s harmonies and ad-libs are perfections, the engineering on the song is pristine, Mass Idea & The Rec.’s production is fire and the visuals are imaginative. So, when San Rao, Mass Idea, and The Rec. are calling, DON’T hang the telephone up. As a matter of fact, follow them on Instagram @sanraoofficial, @mass_idea, and @its_the_rec. Feel free to tag us @industrymeofficial if you find them through us! We’d love to know your thoughts.

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